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Steam train painting and Main St. Essex

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This is the train painting I was talking about.  It's a winter scene with the Essex steam train rounding the bend.  I am fascinated by these majestic machines from the past.  Also loved the architecture of the old train stations that accompany these trains.  The train station in Essex is still in use today.  The excursions on this train I believe is offered all year long,, but in the winter it just takes on something magical.

I've also posted Main Street Essex in this blog as well.  A quaint village town nestled against the Connecticut River.  And just a hop and a skip from Goodspeed Opera House as well.  This part of Connecticut truly is inviting to scenes that will relax and slow down the pace of everyday living.  Just nice to browse the stores (and gallerys) at one's own speed.  Hope you get to visit us soon.  And if you can't, perhaps a painting on your wall will entice you to visit.

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