Great show in Providence yesterday

We had a great time yesterday in Providence ,RI during the exhibit Birds, Blossoms and Butterflies.   The gallery owner bought monarch butterflies to let loose in the gallery during the opening reception.  It was great and beautiful.  The butterflies landed on artwork, people and the flowers brought into the gallery.  When the show is done the butterflies will be collected and donated to the gardens in the area .  Everyone enjoyed the event and I met alot of new people and artists.

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Added more painting images

I've added more images to my website.  Come view the gallery.

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Hello everyone

I've added some more artworks to my gallery page.  I tried to show a variety of different subject for you all to see.  I've been thinking of adding my train series to the gallery.  I've always had a special interest in old train stations and we have some beauties here in Connecticut.  I've done a series of 4 of the Essex train station and some trains recently.  Please post on my blog if you would like to see these series of paintings.


Have a great weekend.

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My name is Gigi M. Genovese and I am a realistic painter.  I've been painting professionally for over 30 years and I love what I do.  I hope you will view my work here on line and feel free to leave your comments on my work.  I will be posting more information on the galleries that my work is in now and has been over the years.  I'm new to blogging but am anxious to talk with other artists and new friends.

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