Sea Squall

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Sea Squall by Gigi Genovese Acrylic ~ 11 x 14
Sea Squall
Acrylic on Panel
11 x 14
$800.00 USDSold

This is a unique piece.  The subject is a sailboat caught in a sudden seasquall.  I had come across a beautiful wooden (mahogany) hatch cover to an old boat and restored it.  I then framed the painting in this hatch cover.  The two tone color of the wood is from it being covered with a strip which protected that part of the wood.  The darker wood is what was exposed to the weather.  I also thought attaching and encircling the painting with line (rope) would enhance the piece. The painting is a round painting and measures  at least 12 inches across.  There are some holes in the hatch from the screws that were on the cover itself.  It makes for a lovely nautical piece for the captains or would be captains in your life.

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